We eat way too much candy. No surprises there. But what if it was more fun to create candy than to eat it? If chewing was a tasty second priority in comparison with the fun of developing, refining and mixing flavors? Just like many children find it more fun to imagine and build stuff with LEGOs than to play with their inventions afterwards. What if creating high-quality sweets would help us all eat less instead of more? If we could turn consumption into creation. And take time off to enjoy the taste of innovation instead of stuffing ourselves silly with mass-produced sugar bombs.

We transform candy consumption into an everlasting creative and fun process by digitalizing candy and creating a platform where the value of creativity and social interaction surpasses the pleasure of candy consumption.

The aim is actually to reduce a child's candy intake by introducing a creative and rewarding process. This is an ambitious task!

What is it we are trying to do ?

Impact that matters !

My passion is innovation. I’m all about being a pioneer rather than just implementing a plan. I am a creative problem solver, focused on a learning and doing approach. I have documented success with this approach in large organizations as well as in start-ups.

The recent years I have taken on different roles. As CEO for start-ups where I have developed an opportunity into a business proposition and as VP in larger organizations where I have established the basis for creation, recognition and articulation of new opportunities. I have been successful in ramping up business to stand on its own in small entrepreneurial start-ups as well as in big established international companies.

Other startup projects that I am involved in are:

KUBO-robot: It is an educational coding robot for kids. KUBO has developed a new and better way for young children to learn with and about technology.  Visit

Relabee: It is an intelligent mobile solution that assists relatives during a course of disease. An EU study has documented that 80% of all tasks that need to be done during a course of disease are done by the relatives. Relabee is the perfect tool to assist and help. Visit

TestaViva: It is a life guide. It is a platform that will assist you with all the boring, but important legal and financial stuff. With consent from the user TestaViva gathers lots of information and calculates an individual score and lets you know when you should act to improve it and will help you do so. Visit



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